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Wealth through

real estate

with Dan Dyer

about Dan dyer

Dan Dyer has proven recession proof methods of buying houses, blessing families, and building generation wealth, while to date, never losing money!

Proverbs 13:22 tell us that a good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children. Within God's original plan for mankind is the desire and blessing to own and steered the communities in which we live. 

You can replace your working income while rebuilding the waste places of your communities.


Generational Wealth through Real Estate is a top of the line real estate educational course packed with hours of imperative information that will launch you into a successful career in the real estate market. 

This jam-packed series includes 9 video lessons with detailed teachings on the lucrative business that is real estate, interviews and testimonials, along with a plethora of forms and legal documents that will equip you in your journey to real estate. 


In this series, Dan Dyer will teach you:

– God Of Generations

– God’s Plan Through Real Estate

– Buying Bargain Properties

– Why I Like Real Estate

– Social Capital

– Common Real Estate Mistakes

– Tax Sale Properties

– Real Estate As A Ministry

– Vetting Renters

– Real Estate Documents


Everyone needs help or advice at some time or another. Here are videos on various topics that can help you apply Godly principals in order to grow your real estate business.


Anyone who knows Dan knows he is a phenomenal speaker/teacher. If you are interested in Real Estate Investing I strongly encourage you to get his course!


Stay tuned, folks, to this man, to this ministry, to this business model. If you are wanting to leave an excellent legacy to your family in the real estate market, Dan is who you'll want to follow.


Whether you are just starting in real estate, you have been in it for years, or have absolutely NO idea how to start, this series has something in it for you!




PO Box 526,

Sullivan, IN 47882



812 - 648 - 2188

812 - 564 - 1742

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